One school,
multiple paths.

At La Salle, we strive to provide a stimulating learning environment in which students have a wide range of courses to choose from. Students have the freedom to challenge themselves by selecting courses they are ready for and that support their goals and interests.

Academic growth support in a variety of ways.

  • Meeting quarterly with every student to review their academic performance, set goals, and develop study habits that will enhance and sustain their learning. We foster curious and active learners.

  • Monitoring academic progress every 3-weeks and checking in with students who could use some extra help to get back on track.

  • Providing expert advice on course selections for all four years by encouraging students to challenge themselves, try something new, and set them up for postsecondary success.

  • Managing accommodations for those students with additional needs.

  • Celebrating our students' successes and cheering them on!

All the support along the way.

At La Salle, we have an array of resources in place to help our students succeed:

Academic Support (AS)

Similar to office hours at a college, students have access to their teachers for additional assistance. They may also use this time to make up exams, work on labs, complete projects, study, and prepare for upcoming assignments.

Teacher Tutoring

Appointments can be made to meet with teachers during lunchtime or after school.

Peer Tutoring

Members of several of our honor societies provide peer tutoring to our students at pre-scheduled times.

Tutoring Referrals

A list of tutors is provided to students who would benefit from additional support that goes beyond what is provided on campus

Skills Building Lessons

Our lessons are built into the four-year curriculum while students are at La Salle. They will learn how to manage their time, prioritize competing goals, set their calendar, study tips, self-advocate, and so much more.

The many ways we engage  and collaborate with parents

Parents are our allies and partners in supporting their child! There is an array of parenting programs we offer to walk parents through the academic lens:

Course Selection Night

Similar to preparing our students for the college admission process, we prepare our parents with the tools they need to help with researching schools, building a balanced list, weighing their options, and information on deadlines/requirements.

Coffee with the Counselors

is held every quarter. Our session offerings are different each time to be relevant to what parents need. Sessions in the past have included building executive skills, how to utilize PowerSchool & Schoology, tips for how students should spend their summer, guest speakers, parent panels, and many more.


is integral to our work. We keep parents informed of their child’s academic progress and develop individualized support plans when needed.

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