We believe in building emotionally strong, adaptive, resilient, and resourceful students who are ready to lead happy and thriving lives. 

An area that sets La Salle apart is our social-emotional curriculum and services for families. Counselors are trained to be an empathetic listener, intervene when students go through hardships, and enact support plans for the family. Our healthy choices curriculum is embedded in all four years of high school. It includes lessons, activities, workshops, and guest speakers.

The many ways we support our students.

Our programs are spotlighted below and reimagined each year to fit the current needs and social climate of parents and students.

Ongoing One-on-One Meetings

At La Salle, our meetings with students go beyond a grade check. Counselors get to know their students and provide a safe space for students to reflect and share. Counselors will connect with parents and community resources for wraparound services when fitting.

Care Solace

Care Solace is a confidential and complimentary service for La Salle families. They navigate the healthcare system for you to find mental health providers matched to your specific needs. In times of distress and chaos, Care Solace makes accessing care easier than ever before. Care coordinators are available 24/7/365 in over 200+ languages. Click here to access Care Solace.

Appa Health

Appa mentors are recent college graduates who provide 1:1 virtual mentorship for teens. Mentors come from very different backgrounds, but all have one thing in common, they are super easy to talk to. Teens learn proven strategies for managing their distress, increasing their motivation, improving their self-confidence, taking control of their thoughts, and learning lifelong skills they can use every day. Click here to access Appa Health.

Wellness Day

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This day offers our students a moment for pause, reflection, and fun. Moments of quietness and joy can lift up our students’ spirits, especially at this time in the school year. In the past, we have had therapy miniature horses, therapy dogs, concerts in the amphitheater, yoga, food trucks, and more.

Guest Speakers

Experts in their fields are invited to present every year to the student body. Our featured guest speakers have presented on social media and digital safety, mental health and coping skills, and anti-bullying.

Healthy Choices Lessons

Embedded from 9-12th grade, the healthy choices curriculum is delivered through our Mentor period. Topics vary each year and have included the following:
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Developing self-awareness and life skills
  • Building positive coping skills and resiliency
  • Boundary setting and healthy relationships
  • Conflict resolution and communication styles
  • The power of choice and decision making

Community Referrals

We keep a comprehensive list of mental health referrals that are available to our parents and students. Providers include therapists, teen groups, educational psychologists, and treatment centers.

How we collaborate with parents.

In addition to working with students to ensure they are well equipped to tackle all aspects of their schooling, we also collaborate with parents to provide the tools and information to ensure success in parenting a La Salle student.

Positive Parenting Class

Dr. Muradian, a licensed clinical psychologist, teaches this 6-week parenting series. Parents learn from Dr. Muradian and one another in the experience. The class covers parental authority, positive communication, stress, anxiety, executive skills building, and dealing with family dynamics.

Coffee with the Counselors

is held every quarter. Our session offerings are different each time to be relevant to what parents need. Sessions in the past have included mental health & supporting our teens, parent panel, social-emotional toolkit, and therapist guest speakers.

Guest Speakers

In addition to presenting to our students, guest speakers often tailor their presentations for a parent’s perspective. Guest speakers in the past have presented on social media, teen relationships and personal safety, social-emotional wellness, and academic skills building.

Community Referrals

When parents need additional support, counselors are knowledgeable resources. We can connect families to community providers. A helping educational psychologist, therapist, or treatment program is just a referral away.

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