Looking for (and finding!) the right fit.

At La Salle, our counselors fully support our students on their journey to discover the colleges and postsecondary plans that are the right fit for them, providing suggestions, challenging their assumptions, and inviting them to explore options they may have never considered before. While the student is in the driver’s seat, we are right there next to them helping with the navigation. For us, success is defined by the student’s joy with the college admission offers they receive and where they choose to attend. We love to see them thrilled with achieving this milestone!

Our expertise at your service

Our counselors are experts in the field of college admissions. This expertise is kept current and relevant by memberships in professional organizations, attendance at numerous conferences, visits to a wide variety of colleges, and networking with admissions offices around the country and beyond. We bring knowledge directly from admission offices back to our parents and students.

At La Salle, our students go on to do great things! We prepare them to succeed and we believe that applying to college involves researching schools, thinking outside of the box, matching themselves to schools that are a “best fit,” strategizing their college list, exceeding requirements, and applying for financial aid. Our dynamic program involves: 

  • Guiding  students through their college planning process all four years of high school

  • Ensuring that students are on track for graduation and meet UC/Cal States and NCAA  eligibility

  • Providing comprehensive information on college admission

  • Career exploration through a variety of opportunities such as the Reality Fair, Career Days, and College Forum

  • Organizing over one hundred college visits to La Salle from colleges around the country

  • Organizing college tours to the San Diego and Bay Area

  • Providing the SAT and the ACT at school

The many ways we engage  and collaborate with parents

The process of applying to college involves a supportive network. We keep parents engaged throughout the planning process. Our many offerings are just a snapshot of how we support our parents:

College Night for Parents of Juniors & Seniors

Similar to preparing our students for the college admission process, we prepare our parents with the tools they need to help with researching schools, building a balanced list, weighing their options, and information on deadlines/requirements.

Coffee with the Counselors

is held every quarter. Our session offerings are different each time to be relevant to what parents need. Sessions in the past have included trends in college admission, making the most of college visits, new digital PSAT/SAT, writing college essays, comparing financial aid offers, and many more.

Cash for College Night

Financial aid officers are on campus to help parents and seniors fill out their FAFSA or CA Dream Act application. They are there to answer questions and explain the financial aid process.

SmartTrack College Funding

SMARTTRACK® College Funding is a high school initiative that provides our families with free resources to help you plan ahead, maximize your eligibility for financial aid, and pay less for college. Planning for college expenses starts early and can benefit all high school families. Click here to create your complimentary parent account. Already created your account? Login anytime here (the system accommodates one account per household).

“Be In The Know” Newsletter

Counseling publishes a bi-monthly newsletter to parents which includes all enrichment activities we receive from the community. Parents are notified of leadership conferences, employment, volunteer, academic enrichment, internship, and scholarship opportunities for their child.

Our students are Lancers for life!

Many of our alums are thrilled to lead our tours when we visit their colleges and share their experiences. They come in to give talks, share about their careers, and help in imaginative ways. Students put in their requests, and our amazing Alumni Office is there to help. Our students have been able to interview alumni on their career outcomes or even placed for job shadowing opportunities.

Featured Events

Take a look at the many events we hold throughout the year!

College Forum

The College Forum is our biggest college-planning event of the year for 9-11th graders and their parents! College admission officers and guest speakers from athletics, testing prep, and a host of organizations will be on campus to share information with our families.

Career Day

Our alumni return to share their career journey with our juniors. Students get to attend the session of their choosing to learn more about the education and training it takes to be in that profession, insider tips, what the day-to-day looks like, and whether or not this career path is the right fit for them.

SAT & ACT Testing

La Salle offers the official August SAT and February ACT testing on our campus to students. We also partner with Revolution Prep for testing preparation, 101 classes, and mock exams to better prepare students to achieve their highest scores.

College Meetings

Counselors provide students with all the information they need to prepare a competitive application, exceed the requirements, meet the deadlines, and build a college list that maximizes their chances for admission. Our meetings are personalized to the student. They receive thoughtful, specific, and exceptional guidance on navigating the college process.

College Application Workshops

Counselors host a weekly workshop during application season to help seniors fill out their UC, Cal State, or Common Application. We also proofread essays and answer any questions students may have. We meet students where they are and know full well that this can be a daunting process. By being available and providing a wealth of knowledge to advise our seniors, we help make this process seamless and even fun.

Summer College Writing Workshop & Case Study

Rising seniors get a head start on their college essays at La Salle! We help our students collect their ideas into a first draft that is truly representative of their strengths, growth perspectives, and what makes them an exceptional candidate for admission. In a role reversal, students sit on a mock panel as admission officers to evaluate sample candidates. They understand how to review applications, learn from a real admissions officer, and the factors that go into making an admission decision.

College Tours

The best way to know if a college is the right choice is to visit. We take our students on an all-day guided tour of different campuses. Students experience the dorms, dining halls, college towns, and hear from current students.

Reality Fair

This fun-filled event for sophomores teaches them valuable life skills. Sophomores manage a realistic budget in a simulated fair where they must make decisions on acquiring housing, purchasing a car, evaluating insurance, and debating entertainment options based on the income they earn. Students learn to make critical adult decisions, which involve prioritizing needs versus wants. The fair helps students make the connection between their career choices, earning potential, and lifestyle opportunities.

100+ College Visits

Over 100 college representatives from local, national, and abroad visit La Salle each year to meet with our students. This is a great way for students to hear firsthand what each school has to offer and demonstrate their interest to the admissions officer.

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